around Myslenice

The excursion starts with St. Andrew.
His church in Graboszyce is of course locked but on the fence is information that any tourist wanting to see the church needs to call this number. I prepare a Polish sentence for asking to see the church but there’s no answer. By picking up the phone they could drastically prolong the tourist season. They definitely know how to lay out shingles.
The St. Nicolas’ Church in Polanka Wielka is supposed to contain much of glorious baroque and roccoco but here there’s even no sign with a phone number. Only a sign about renovation works from 2018. The work probably haven’t got off the ground. Some windows are broken and fence poles awry. In the church yard blossom snowbells.
In Poręba Wielka is the St. Batholomew’s Church, one of the oldest churches in the Silesian Mountains. In better shape than the previous one but just as locked. It is possible to peek in through the key hole though.
The Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Lachowice is on UNESCO World Heritage List and its shingle roof is especially curvy. I help a girl to light a candle in the parking lot. The church is of course locked. Around it is a big colorful cemetery strewn over with plastic flowers.
This is all with churches for today. The next destination is the inn in Sucha Beskidzka which has been built in 18th century. Today it offers local food. Against all odds it is open and I can eat there.
The last place on my list is Lanckorona market square that still has preserved the old layout. It has nothing to do with the corona virus. Around the square and on nearby streets are indeed old houses with broad eaves and they seem to be doing well. I climb up to the castle ruins to look for a geocaching treasure. Somewhere I could do it and why not here. Another treasure has been hidden on the market square but there are too many muggles around.
The Polish are celebrating the Women’s Day already the second day in a row.
from Krakow to Myslenice
from Myslenice to Stary Sacz

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