from Tallinn to Suwalki

When asking Google maps about the way to Kaunas a warning appears that the route crosses Latvia.
Latvia is at first glance not that scary. Wet snowfall ends and sun comes out. Cars don’t drive in rows but in swarms. The worst thing that happens in Latvia is that ketchup is put in my wrap. Yak. For some reason I have not heard that people who oppose paying exercise duty in Estonia had organized mass-travel to Latvia for buying cheap fuel as they have for buying cheap alcohol.
After Latvia begins former area of the first Rceczpospolita which is called Lithuania today. Evening sun shines through gas station flags. On the road are caravans of huge trucks. For people who need even more things. Endless green fields dotted with lone trees with round crowns look picturesque but unfortunately I know that these contains about the same amount of life as an average football field.
Driving together with our Baltic neighbours makes me think that crazy over-speeders should not travel with normal folks but they should have some place of their own behind a fence somewhere.
The entry to real Poland goes between two Russias through the Suwalki gap which connects the Baltic States with NATO. An abandoned-looking building probably marks the Lithuanian-Polish border. The road curls up and disappears into darkness. I stop in Suwalki. The Polish are supposed to be also crazy drivers. And they still steal cars very well.
from Suwalki to Gryfino

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