from Yliluosto to Rykimäkerö

Rain in the night and a close meeting with a big raindeer in the morning by the river.
We climb back over the same fells and rocks. Meet the same herd of raindeer at about the same place. Then the dark clouds that had been gathering behind us let out the first rain. It rains on and off until we reach the cafe which is still closed. Maybe it’s only open in the winter. So we collect rain wate, make coffee and eat our snacks. Then off to Luosto for more coffee and a burger. Thunder above, Kalle recites poems.
Rain travels off to the lowlands. Because Kalle has developed blisters, we skip climbing Ukko-Luosto and continue over Lampivaara to Rykimäkero on the bicycle trail. Our shadows appear as does a rainbow. A hut in Rykimäkero is nice enough because it starts to rain again.
from Pyhälampi to Yliluosto
from Rykimäkerö to Pyhä

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