interview, finally

No important old men but I go and talk to a guy from the many local human rights organizations.
He is optimist, tries to change how people think, the lawgiver among others. Not a hard job to be optimist for western aid money. To the office is about 500 meters so I walk. Besides, I realized that I can see the house from my breakfast table. My way goes through one of the backyard markets that are still alive here and there despite the efforts of the city authorities. I get oranges.
Ants have multiplied in my room and they move faster.
Otherwise the heat is still unreasonable but at least not 50 degrees like in Pakistan. Although, I don’t think it makes much difference. All the stone surfaces and houses breathe out heat even in the dark. Perhaps cities ought to be made out of some other material in this climate?
Since I’ve been so efficient in the morning, I idle later and read through internet. Twice.
small piece of information
three more days

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