By morning the land on the border of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea has appeared in view.
It has 1468 km2 of land ca 23 000 people. From around hundred islands 16 are inhabited. By people. A lot of smaller ones are inhabited by birds. We land in Lerwick, the capital on the Mainland which is the biggest island.
After dropping our backpacks in the hotel we go to look for the second coffee. It’s only 8 o’clock in the morning. Then we have to buy gas and some snacks, take cash and pictures of Jimmy Perèz’ house. Cranesbill and lady’s-mantle grow in gardens and in the cracks of the pavement, gray houses stand still in time and the streets are filled with elderly people from the Netherlands who have been released from the huge cruise ship that dominates the harbour area. Everybody is welcome to look at colorful glass windows in the town hall.
A viking colony during the 10th-15th century, Shetland has its own dialect, pony and sheepdog together with a slogan in Icelandic: „Með lögum skal land byggja“. Scotland got it by accident, as an unfortunate dowry.
The evening is spent looking thoughtfully at the weather forecast and the map. Wet toes and not much of internet are in forecast for the next eight days. The only interruption in the evening  is a short fire drill.
from London to Aberdeen
Northmavine trek, the start

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