lot of sand

Some small talk with the Estonians before I leave them to explain some non-Estonian tourists how come there are suddenly so many Estonians.

Norwegians predict partial cloud. I head exactly the opposite direction from yesterday, the other wing of the butterfly. This wing is called the outer island (exo nisi), the other one is the inner island (mesa nisi). The sea all around is full of tiny island particles. A lot of coastline and blue water visible from the top of the mountain.
The road turns into unpaved road right away. Counting turns goes better today. I park convincingly near a dilapidated house, inhabited by goats, chicken and dogs. This is the first time to turn around. I have just finished putting my car so that is is possible to get past it from every direction when some bicycles, motorcycles and cars arrive. What now? I ask the first man if it is endaxi that my avtokinito is there, in case he has anything to do with the house. The car is good, waves the man. I start going along the path. In next curve is one more guy on a bike. Asks me where I'm going. I explain that to Pachia Ammos beach or beach of much sand. The man announces that this is the right path and that they go to another place. Good, otherwise it would have been like yesterday.
At the water tank the theoretically drivable road ends and goat trail starts. Some short misunderstanding later I find the correct continuation, marked this time with cairns and white-yellow signs. Wow.
At first the landscape is monotonous, bleak hills with loose stones and low bushes. The only adventure is a cricket springing on my head. The descent down to the beach takes on a more dramatic look and deserves many photo stops. The beach is a huge area of sand with some trees in one corner. The wind blows directly into the bay and there are decent waves. I settle under the trees and finish the book of the Finns. Their financial advice: If you want to make money then buy a color printer.
If someone has come to the beach then it is advisable to go swimming. For this I stand on the edge of the water and the next wave splashes me all wet. Natural rubbish and sand floats in the waves. Funny, yesterday we were sitting side by side on a 2x10 meters sand stretch and today I have all this big beach for myself alone.
The way back goes in a dry riverbed between steep stone walls. I count the edges of the hills but then the place for starting the climb is marked again. Up the mountain I see a smaller and a bigger house. Has to be a chapel. I take binoculars to find out if there really have to be so many houses. Then I recognize the car standing next to the bigger house. I arrived with it. Goat bells sound all around.
The parking space near the hotel is full so I park like a Greek. Anywhere.
I start with Mihkel Mutt's book about life in Estonia. Over the water and through sound of the waves Estonian voices can be heard.

meeting on a sandstretch
one more day

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