I didn't have time to visit the butterfly-shaped island last time. I also wanted to go to Tilos again but Tilos is not interesting anymore since Iain and Lyn have moved to Crete. So I'll stay within Cyclades which is logistically easier.

Maybe I'm practising to live in a treeless world.
I discover that last time I was in Greece end of October. Now I’ll be there almost a month earlier. I’m afraid it will be too hot. Like in Portugal. Perhaps I should have opted for hiking in Kevo. I compensate the lousy weather forecast with a bagful of books. I’m still frightened of running out of books during a trip.
After a spirited weekend in Kurgjärve and Soomaa a decent mess stays behind at home, including a handful of bugs who have escaped from the Great Flood.
For the sake of style I change airplanes in the old Greek capital Constantinople. The airport is difficult to figure out, the eatery has plastic forks and knives and a beer with screw cap.
In the airplane they play with colored light at first and then turn the light off alltogether. That makes me sulky and then to fall asleep. In the middle of the dream light is turned on and we get sandwiches.
I start with my 12 kilos of books right away (well, actually the whole luggage was 12 kilos but most of it is books). Fred Jüssi's travel stories. Fred Jüssi is an Estonian zoologist, nature photographer and recorder of frog and bird noise. Born on Aruba.
"We allowed ourselves a small rest because is was arranged so that we were in no hurry. It was arranged wisely."
"I don't like that sort of stuff much. Perhaps it's sports."
From Athens to Piraeus with two metros. Is smells of fresh afterrain and the streets are wet. Rainjacket was the only thing that I put back into the closet.
Hotel is fancy. I have just finished changing for shower when there's a knock on the door. My welcome drink arrived.

getting used to vacation on Folegandros

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