from Nisyros to Symi

At four o'clock Orion looks down from the sky. A football team gathers in the port.
The ferry is one hour late and swings slowly at the quay when it finally arrives. Swinging does not bother people going on and off. The best sleeping places are of course already occupied. Sleeping is an accepted activity in the café, people are not forced to eat something continuously.
Sun rises a bit after Tilos. How many times can one go back and forth? Sky turns light blue and pink.
Symi is the first island where I arrive when it’s light outside. The address I’m supposed to find is 'Symi, Greece’ which is a bit confusing looking at the pile of colorful houses. There are people offering accommodation and I answer them by asking for directions. One lady sends me exactly to the opposite direction. I won’t go far. I have a phone number but no-one answers. Loads of tourists compared what I have seen until now.
I find Kirillos Studios and there also comes an old man, Kirillos, seems to be very nice, doesn’t speak much English and didn’t answer the phone because he was in the port looking for me. Room is nice, one and a half floors and with a balcony in the flowers. In corridor are washing machine and a picture of Jesus.
Sun is already high up so I decide to make it a study-day. In the background there are canary birds, a rooster, children and a German-speaking excursion.
At about five I go wandering around to make some pictures, buy a map of the island and locate a bakery and the starting point of tomorrow’s walk. Climb up and down along the staircase-streets and walk through people’s balconies who don’t mind at all. While taking a picture of spounges the seller notices me and reads from my palm that I’ll travel a lot (who would of guessed), live long and will not be ill. Makes me coffee and doesn’t try to sell anything. For winter he goes to Tilos and Athens because there’s work only for seven months a year. His name is Fengari which means moon. The guess about non-Greek appearance proves to be right – his mother is from India and father from Pakistan.
Uninterrupted cat screaming follows me eating fish.

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