Bakery lady yawns in the morning on her balcony.
It's a bit frightening to see giant Diagoras maneuvering in the tiny port of Symi. The island disappears quickly into fog.

I'm offered a room in Rhodes airport but spend my time with having breakfast instead. Then go to the bus. Island excursion is included.

People must show their tickets every few hundred meters in the airport.
Airplanes have drawn stripes in the sky above Athens and peaks of mountains shimmer through pink fog. Looks pretty.

People on Rhodos managed to send only my luggage until Tallinn. I was sent only until Brussels. I did an electronic check-in with Estonian Air but have no paper to prove it. It'll be interesting.
Last money goes for a beer. And already they want to see me at the gate. Very personal.

Almost everyone on the plain reads either a book or a newspaper.
Before Tallinn lights are switched off so that Nordic Lights would be better visible.

The islands were nice places where to be lazy, walk a bit and read books. They have some nice beaches as well. I especially liked Despoti Nero on Tilos, Pachia Amos on Nisyros and Lapathos on Symi.
Tilos is a very lovely place (+ lovely people), Nisyros has some gorgeous views. The best places of Symi seem to be a bit out of the way and you need transport to get to the trail-heads.
Nisyros and Symi are visited by day-trippers which means crowds near the port during day time and empty streets in the evening. Probably they also go to Tilos but I didn't notice it there so much. The attitude of locals changes accordingly, they like tourists to stay longer. Dinners on Nisyros were the cheapest, on Symi the most expensive. Symi was the most crowded. It is as big as Tilos but has three times more people. Nisyros is the smallest with about 1000 inhabitants.
Greek economy hopefully got better now.

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