Kallur lighthouse

Yesterday I could the whole day observe how over the water Kunoy and Borðoy appeared and disappeared in the rain, Sam the ferry continued undisturbed on his route and the giant window pane swayed slightly in the wind.
Weather forecast says that today it is a good idea to climb to the Kallur lighthouse and the forecast is right. There is wind but it is not too strong. Rain stops around eleven.
The hike to the lighthouse starts in Trøllanes, the furthest village on the island. By the time when I appear from around the mountain side has the earlier tourist couple almost finished their selfie-shoot. A narrow path above steep abyss on both sides leads to a place where the lighthouse is in frame together with the huge cliff. Nice spot they have chosen to build it but for some reason my feet shake most of the hiking time here. It was worth waiting two days for the rain to stop. Before going GPS tells me that here’s a geocaching treasure. While I fumble with the plastic boxes narrow columns of rain approach from the sea which results in wonderful light play. So this time geocaching was useful because without it I would have missed all that.
Big waves hit the rocks in Trøllanes and it starts to rain again. In the evening sun lights some snow-powdered peaks under dark purple clouds.
arrival on Kalsoy
arrival on Svínoy

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