life on Svínoy

I spend time climbing on the rocks by the sea.
No wind. No people either. Some sun. On the rocks grows moss in many colors, in ponds are smaller rocks, seashells and bones.

The Faroese language book I bought appears to be a political novel about the fuss around Faroese constitution. The islands don’t have their on constitution but there are apparently many people who think they should have it. In 1946 there was a referendum where people favored independence with a 166 vote majority. When the parliament then declared independence then the Danes annulled this decision. In 2011 presented Danes two options to the Faroese: secede or forget the idea of a constitution. The Faroese answered that they will stay in the family and begin with a new draft. According to the book of Jonathan Wylie was the whole incorporation of the Faroe Islands legally suspicious. In April last year there was supposed to be a constitutional referendum that was quietly postponed because of complicated internal politics. The Scots are supposed to be disappointed. For some reason. Anyway, the book has a connection with real life. The author Bjørk Maria Kunoy is a lawyer born in 1991.
arrival on Svínoy
life on Svínoy II

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