meeting on Klakkur

Yesterday there was a good view on the rain from the window.
Mostly it fell under 45 degree angle. This is what all these extra days are for. For rainy weather. It’s not so much because I’d get wet (it’s just water) but there’s nothing to see. For example the mountain on the opposite side of the valley had totally disappeared yesterday. Besides it is nice not to hurry from sight to sight someday but to use time to sleep long, read, learn new words, edit pictures and call my grandma. The only adventure was a trip to the grocery store and the post office.
Today rain is in forecast after lunchtime. Need to climb up the mountain before that. Clouds are low, dark and evil. The mountain is just behind the house, I only have to turn right and follow the street and then climb along Ástarbreytin.
Klakkur is 413 meters high. On one side Nólsoy, Streymoy and Kalsoy are visible, on the other side is drone view over Klaksvík. In the middle is a spyglass.
I find a Brasilian guy on top of the mountain. 24 years old, was here as an exchange student six years ago. Now works in a bank in Belo Horizonte although he wanted to be a musician. Thinks his president is a corrupt homophobic asshole and prefers not to follow news in sake of his mental health. Instead he climbs mountains, adores waterfalls and picks up garbage. We both carry a plastic bag for the purpose. He advertises his country as a fantastic tourist destination and joins me for the walk down and to the park on the other side of the town. Here are trees, planted of course. Nice carved bridges help over the river. The rain is three hours late.
rain on Kunoy

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