In the smallest capital of the world I keep missing the right turns because everything is much closer than I anticipate it to be.
I listen what the dead people talk. In order to do this one has to get an audio guide and a map from the tourist information center. Then you can hear the life stories of many persons who for one reason or the other are significant in the history of Faroe Islands or Tórshavn, looking at their graves at the same time. As an irony stands a young man and drinks beer on the grave of the initiator of the temperance movement. Mister Jensen must be turning in his grave like a spinner. Snowfall and rain switch with sunshine. During the night snow has covered the ground.
A walk through Tinganes. Here has been parliament since the viking times minus the Danish interruption.
A path through the park leads to the art museum. The stream in the park is filled with mallards. Although the museum is open it is not yet open. I get to sit inside, look at a photography book and listen how museum staff discusses the next exhibition. Then lights in the halls are switched on and I’m allowed to go exploring. There’s a nice photography exhibition “Less is north” and a permanent exhibition of Faroese art. The photos are of minimalist Nordic nature. Faroese art is colorful and impetuous. I’ll definitely remember the Edward Fuglø’s razor-bill egg that has a bunch of birds looking out of it. Egg-test. He has used eggs in his art a lot, maybe because his name is Bird. Looks like one of his reproduction hangs on the wall in my accommodation. Without eggs. Thomas Arge is cool too.
Christmas season is opened in the SMS shopping center. In Iceland it was done already some time ago. As straightforward Nordic people they don’t try to hide that Christmas is a commerce holiday. The patron of the event should be Muhammad and not Jesus.
As an explanation for those who miss local food comments. I have not eaten outside on the Faroe Islands not even once. With the exception of Klaksvík there has not been much opportunity to do that anyway. Last night I planned to go out for dinner but then the weather outside started to sound as if he house was hit with chicken eggs. I have been using grocery stores and cooked in Airbnb‘s kitchens. And had the car stocked with food from home. But I‘ll start to eat local food soon.
moving to the capital

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