first day in the forest

We sleep long, it is partly clouded. The plan is to walk to Bo Kluea for food shopping and on the way look at the Sapan waterfall.

Because it is four kilometers to the waterfall and six kilometers to the village. A big grey-blue bird hunts for something in the river. Foggy mountains are visible from the park gate. We don't get very far when a passing car stops and wishes to take us to the village. Well, we can as well first go shopping. Stock up with all kinds of food.
On our way back we are stopped by the police. We request to be taken to the waterfall this time. Once there, the policemen climb swiftly out of the car and line up for taking a picture. Full service. Now there's only 350 meters to the waterfall.
First a staircase and then many stretches of falling water. There are even four plus two local visitors. We photograph the waterfall from every angle and eat all the waffles. Frogs are heard but not seen. Lianas dangle over the path. Ferns have climbed up the trees. A pleasant tourist-free place even if the waterfalls here are like tap water when compared to the Icelandic ones.
The start of the path was in a tiny village. There are also some shops and it's possible to eat. The food turns out to be soup. A few houses later is a balcony next to the river where to drink iced coffee. It would also be possible to sleep there. In the neighborhood are a couple of more places that look like accommodation.
Finally we get to walk three kilometers before we are asked to climb into a truck for the last 500 meters. In the other end of our house three Thais move in and start to watch tv.

into the forest
second day in the forest

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