from Liivjärve to Konsu

Air is somehow damp and sticky in the morning.
Cloudy, no rain. I move slowly, there’s no hurry. At home I did cut some days in half and this is one of those. So it will be a short one which is good because some past days were long and I don’t want to be in Kauksi before Saturday.
The trail visits many lakes before Konsu lake where I set up camp. There are about 40 lakes here in Kurtna protected area. The condition of most lakes has deteriorated since the 1930ies because of oil shale mining, bog drainage and acting as fresh water supply for the nearby towns. Holiday-makers have also done their share. The situation in some places is improving though.
At some point it starts to thunder but without heavy rain. I still put on rain clothes immediately because I remember yesterday’s rain torrents.
No one at the campsite. This is good with rainy weather. People tend to stay indoors. A short swim. The rain stops. Mosquitoes are gone for some reason. Read a book, listen to birds singing.
from Mummassaare to Liivjärve
from Konsu to Jõuga lakes

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