from Penijõe to Rumba

Before sunrise it gets cold in the tent.
Sun rises soon and starts to heat.
Some great tits come and sing me a song. Then comes a wagtail.
I make a short detour through the forest next to the road for start. See some wet forest and many flowers. Lift a lizard over the road. Peek into the ruins of Kloostri manor-house. Make friends with a dog. The owner has not heard of the trail although her house is right next to it and she has already seen two hikers.
In the landscape with ditches there live four hares. Or one hare whom I see four times. Then I see a hiker. Later when I catch him by the Kirbla shop we realize that we know each-other. He’s in a hurry.
It’s hot and I have to keep removing clothes. Kasari river meadow is nice and dotted with fishermen. A red car in Rumba camp site. A father and a son. They sleep in their car.
arrival in Penijõe
from Rumba to Susla

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