from Uljaste to Aidu-Liiva

It does not rain yet in the morning but I bring everything under the roof just in case.
There are 50 shades of gray in the sky.
Forest path until Sonda. Shop stop. The inn is closed so no second breakfast. It starts to rain. Straight paved road to Kiviõli, our oil shale capital. The ash mountains are visible from far. The houses are ugly, many children have asthma. A hare on the racing field. The trail passes an adventure park and an old orchard. I eat some pie in the shop and sit in order to dry. Only Estonian is spoken which comes as a mild surprise.
Rain stops but the trail continues between wet trees and grass. Another shop in Püssi. The cafe there is open only for reservations.
Aidu old mining area is next. Oil shale was mined here and three villages destroyed for that. Now it’s a strange half-wild landscape with blue canals. Have to ferry myself over water to the campsite. It rains again.
from Soosaare to Uljaste
from Aidu-Liiva to Alulinna

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