Sky is pink. Church bells broke only occasionally into my dreams.
Last time I already visited all the most important museums but Venice has a lot more to offer. At 10 someone waits for me in the museum of physics. It turns out to be a professor. Ups. I've managed to get myself into Foscari gymnasium or high school or something. She opens the museum and lets me look around. Stuff from 18th and 19th century. After a while a nice young English-speaking lady arrives. She has skipped a class in my honor. The originals are behind glass, outside are copies. We can try this and that. They have Faraday cage, tubes from Newton and Galilei and other interesting things. Like daguerreotype. Liquids, compasses, measuring, mechanics, optics, acoustics, electromechanics, thermodynamics. Cool. The undertakings costs five euros, I get ticket number one.
Fancy Jesuit church, a group of less known archangels surround the altar.
Next points of my hide-and-seek game seem to be either lost or locked so I follow men in overalls to a restaurant where bread is included. Looks like only men eat and they do it only in groups.
Since I've come to the lagoon I use the opportunity to visit San Michele. There are church and cemetery. Some non-Venetians have been considered worth the honor of being buried there. I find Mr and Mrs Stravinsky, Ezra Pound with Olga and Josif Brodsky. Ballet slippers on Djagilev's grave.
Back in Venice, I continue with the game. Rat graffiti, weird lion, footprints of the bridge, old pharmacy. And then I just wander around Cannaregio and find some more nice squares besides Campo dei Mori. Give directions to some Italians to Foscari school.
Finally I buy washing powder and some food. Sun goes down again. Laundry is dried outside the window and I'm careful not to drop anything.
mountain and island

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