First a short shopping stopover in Munich.
A city where Marco Polo was born, Casanova lived and Richard Wagner died. Dante, Petrarca, Hemingway, Dickens, Proust, George Sand and Alfred de Musset, Balzac, Marc Twain, Audrey Hepburn, Ignatius Loyola, Assisi Franciscus  and who else have been here.
What else? Possibly world's first health care system financed from public funds. First Jewish ghetto. First quarantine system.
I've managed to read Venetian history only until 15th century but all seems the same. Loads of tourists who all have been told that this is the most beautiful city in the world, blooming business.
I have an apartment with two rooms and a piano. Then I go and have a bellini in Harry's bar, prosecco with peach juice. There's only a little space for the rays of setting sun between all the people on St Mark's Square.
on the lagoon

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