from Paganamaa to Lõunatipu, 26,4 km

It rains and thunders in the night and everything is wet in the morning. Trail starts on steep slope, going up and down, my bag getting stuck between tree branches. Trousers and boots get wet in the bushes, mosquitoes attack. It takes me almost two hours to walk the first 3 kilometers.
Then the trail passes some houses and goes through a yard. It starts to rain and when I finish putting on rain clothes, a man appears and invites me inside to wait until the rain stops. He makes me tea and offers sandwiches and we chat for more than on hour. What wonderful people you can meet here on the edge of Estonia. Next lovely chat is in Metsavenna shop with a pretty girl behind the counter and local guy.
After some strait gravel road, horseflies and forest path I arrive at Lõunatipu camp site. It is the southernmost place of Estonia. With a nice cabin and lot of fire wood.
from Luhasoo to Paganamaa, 27,9 km
from Lõunatipu to Alumati, 41,8 km

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