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For the coming month I'll be walking away, walking towards, walking ahead, walking about, walking down the path, walking up the hill, walking around, walking in my shoes, be within walking distance, at a walking pace. I’m very walkative.

The longer hiking trail through Estonia actually originally started in Aegviidu – also known as a train stop and surrounded by beautiful lakes. From there it continues 628 km towards Ähijärve in Southern Estonia. But about a month before my planned start an annex was opened from Peraküla to Aegviidu, adding some 190 kms. Time is supposed to be money. Since walking takes much longer than cycling, riding, driving or flying, it is real luxury to walk for 820 km. The same would take one day by car – this is for budget travelers. Somehow I needed to squeeze the extra 100 kms into two days without my colleagues noticing the added time.

Trail information:, unfortunately not (yet?) available in English.

The shorter, Oandu-Ikla trail was measured two years ago ( It took two weeks and lot of blisters. Guess I will be smarter and stronger this time. Somehow I’m more excited now than before other trips this year.

Reactions in the background: why are you doing this? so long! you’re going alone? you’re crazy! I’m not crazy and I have a document to prove it. Has to be something else.
from Tallinn to Peraküla

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