Wake up a little before noon, mango for starters, pancakes and a lot of coffee for real breakfast.
Further plan contains travel agency, sightseeing and geocaching.
Travel agency has a new name and a new address, is completely without any signs and to find it we have to communicate with many shawl vendors. There’s Ifti’s brother, Ifti will come around six. We should come back then.
We climb in glaring sunshine to the palace where the main attractions are fabulous views from the way and the toilet which is a dark low room with a pile of sand and a hole in the middle of it. Found with help of smell.
Further up is Tsemo temple which is mainly locked and filled with Japanese but Mari Öö promises a treasure nearby. We scramble on the rocks, slide on the wall, peek into holes. Nothing. Before returning to the trail we look into one more place just in case. There it is. Cheers. On our way down we meet a Punjabi guy who has owned a restaurant in Kaunas for six years.
Wasim has appeared to the travel agency. I last saw him ten years ago. Plumper, some grey in the hair, married, two kids. Marriage because of family’s pressure does not seem to be a good life plan. He does not know much about oud trekking plans but there are no horses for tomorrow. Ifti is running late. We find out that it only takes one day to visit Phugtal monastery from Padum instead of three days as it used to be. A road has been built. So we suddenly have two extra days that we lost because of the airplane delay. Ifti comes and makes a better price for us than initially offered. Monastery visit is complementary. Maybe we can start the day after tomorrow. Right away they start to call everywhere.
We get out of the way, eat our stomachs full and flush it with beer. Live music starts in the corner of the restaurant.
On the back to the hotel we make many stops for Mari to be able to look at all the handbags. On one of these we get a new friend Ahmed who knows some words of Estonian and Finnish and tells us his whole life story.
Looks like my sister has bought me a car meantime.
arrival in Leh
just a day

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