fourth hiking day

A whole day of climbing.
Along a mountain side, on the other side of the valley the white houses of Photoksar village, in front of it fields lined with some purple flower, in the background cloud tufts lingering among stone needles. We meet a lamb who sounds like a crow. For many days already I’ve been hearing common rose-finch but not seen it. The river below seems to stand still, maybe all its energy is used for the noise. Giant geology in every direction. Fissures carved into rock wall, snow cat, rose, yaks. Some jumping over streams. Wild idyll would be perfect if not for a motorable road that can be heard or seen occasionally.
When it starts to rain then we reach a place where water just flows on the road. This is the place that we have been waiting for and why sandals have been attached to small backpacks. A place for walking through water. Toes get clean and fresh. Later I get to ride on the back of the guide over the water for some reason.
Campsite is on the base of Sengge pass and this was the reason for going uphill all the day. I still like it when things go downhill on a trek. The pass already shimmers ahead.
Sun comes out that motivates me to wash clothes and hair. From this come a lot of wet things.
Everyday sleeping bag lottery may bring a bad that has been used by a lavendel-scented lady, horseman or horse. This entertainment is additional to the game who gets the leaking tea cup.
My appetite hasn’t returned and every move makes me pant. Strange.
After dinner there are glowing patches in the sky. Maybe Himalayan Aurora.
third hiking day
fifth hiking day

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