from Ülenurme to Vantaa

Ride from Mokko to Ülenurme starts over London and continues in dreamy foggy Estonian countryside over which watches a moon that is being eclipsed by clouds.
Feeling sleepy. In Ülenurme are already Mari Öö and Heiks. Everything is being swiped over with a piece of paper and most things have to be taken out of bag. They clearly have nothing to do here in the night.
The situation where I fall asleep in Tartu and next moment wake up hitting the ground with a thump in Helsinki is totally new. We find reclining chairs and fall asleep. When we wake up around nine because it’s cold the airport is empty and quiet. Mari Öö talks something about a crowd that gathered around us and went to Edinburgh. I know nothing about it.
We sleep and read here and there and look how Mari looks at perfumes.
extremes of Delhi

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