going home

Uber. Luggage loading. To the airport.
India. Hot. Cold. Humidity and desert. Lingering men in flip-flops. Switch sets that hotels buy eight at the time even if they only need it for one lamp. I got to see Phugtal monastery and Himalaya with glaciers still attached, learned to be the slowest of the group, ask help and accept it.
I don’t see any airtravel in near future although Sikkim and Northeast India and Rajastan and... Who knows.
Airplane gets through Pakistani airspace without any incidents. I get through world seas with Uku Randmaa (sailor) and watch a movie about Amundsen. The message is one: there’s always time to work later.
In Vantaa we splash with wine, in the night we’ll land in Ülenurme. Next adventure starts on 17th.
back in Delhi


  • Florian  •  August 14, 2019
    very cool and interesting journey, welcome back.

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