resting day in Leh

Breakfast is a bit sad, takes a lot of time and there’s no coffee in coffee.
We split up for shopping. Me and Kalle get diverted by a barista-sign where real coffee is served. A man makes hotspot for us with his mobile. One blog post can be uploaded again.
A shawl from Ahmad. He is not happy about the administrative change but then again he mixes freely today’s and historical problems. Later we find a modern art gallery after we’ve already decided that there are no artists in Leh. There are.
We meet with Mari to have lunch and beer together on our roof terrace. People in Europe appear to have a very vague understanding about India’s geography. TV shows a fiery denate about the situation in Kashmir. We are not in Kashmir but in Ladakh and that’s why internet slowly starts to come back. Cutting Ladakh loose from the rest of the state where it was a little brother until now might benefit the region. Otherwise India’s occupation in Kashmir is „legalized“ and that has created all the fuss. Anyway, free Ladakh!
A short stop in hotel for shower and then we go to meet Sana who has invited us for dinner. Behind the main mosque is a nice Ladakhi place. Chocolate momos for desert. Sana talks about his wedding where 900 people are supposed to attend. Now he spends most of the time in Pangong lake area directing construction works but this will change once he’s married.
After dinner we go to have a beer in world garden where it is served in metal’pots and funny cups. When we later thank the waiter for tea then he answers with a silent smile, yes, Indian tea.
from Kargil to Leh
back in Delhi

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