second hiking day, food poisoning

During the night I develop heavy dihorrea and go to handle it a couple of times.
The eyes of donkeys glow in the torch light and a hazy moon rises above the mountain ridge.
In the morning everything is very bad. Food poisoning. Stupid chicken. Ahead of us is a mountain pass that according to different estimates is and is not over 5000 meters. Part of the time Mari Öö pushes me from behind, then Kalle pulls with the help of trouser’s belt and camera bag belt. Like walking a dog. A lot of rest stops during which I tend to fall asleep. No energy whatsoever. For the last and most steep stretch a horse is organized back from the pass to carry me up. So I finally see the views, clutching the wooden thing on the back of the horse, fighting with sliding down and watching out not to hit horse’s legs with mine. Only for crossing a snow and ice strip I have to come down so that we would not slide down the mountain together with the horse. Views are striped with colors and it is totally incomprehensible why mountains have been built this way.
We reach the pass all together, Mari Öö has made incredible speed and Kalle keeps pace with the horse. We put up prayer-flags. It is a good idea to take friends on a trek.
Going down is easy, the patient runs down independently. On the other side of the pass are orange towers and on these partial sunshine. In camp I just fall into sleeping bag.
first hiking day, first pass
third hiking day

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