sixth hiking day

By morning stars have been removed and nothing has been installed in their stead.
Later come some white clouds.
Up from the other side of the river. Landscape meanders the whole day between orange-purple walls. We’re surrounded by big green shrubs that smell sweet from close but as a field have the effect as if the hiker was constantly passing urinating men. Hot.
On our way is Lingshed village with a monastery. Until now I’ve always had to climb up to the monastery but today we descend to it. In Lingshed life is like in a rose garden. Paths and water channels are lined with blooming rose bushes, rose pattern is on cloths that cover constructions that represent table and counter in a shop. In the shop we are given instant noodles that are here called maggi after one noodle producer. How a brand becomes a generic name. Monks buy cookies on debt.
In the monastery we get in one of the ceremony rooms but since monks are also having lunch so no more doors are opened for us.
The guide is like a bailiff, constantly forcing us to continue walking. But I’m not on a sports competition but on holiday. We eat our pack lunch on a stone wall below which are some skeletons. Big pieces of water start to fall around us. This is pleasant. Ride on the back of the guide through a stream although I had just removed my boots in hope of a cold foot bath. Some more climbing on the wall and the campsite comes into view. We’ll spend the night on the bottom of a river. The river is very narrow now but enough to wash ourselves and socks.
In the evening horsemen and the guide disappear somewhere. When they re-appear following dialogue is held between the guide and Mari Öö:
„Did you go to a party?“
„Yes, ma’am. The donkey is not well.“ One may have various ideas about the nature of the party but in reality our guide’s English skills haven’t improved.
fifth hiking day
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