exercises continue

There's a slope in the tent for some reason.
In the morning the sun is out and we can see tops of all nearby mountains. Wonderful light. Some jogging to the bus stop and yesterday's bus driver takes us to Senjahopen. There's a hiking trail to some lakes.
The beginning of the trail turns out to be a swamp, not a camping site as I had hoped. In addition is on this side of the mountain a totally uninspiring cloud.
To lessen the inability to decide what to do, we boil some water in the middle of wet turfs. After porridge and coffee our heads work better and we find a flat place with dry moss on the other side of the road and cemetery. Tent up and there we go.
From the trail red dots on trees and rocks are visible but not the track itself. At first wet moss in the open, then wet moss under trees and then wet moss on rocks. A decent amount of water is again in the boots. Soon we'll probably grow flippers. From over the sea some blue sky approaches.
With every step we ascend at least half a meter away from the sea level, the view gets better and better, sun and flies appear. A lot of flies. But they are somehow sleepy. Every now and then we sit and dream on a rock. Fjord runs picturesquely into the sea. Occasionally we lose the track and climb above abyss, hanging on to the moss. Down are snow and rocks.
From the pass a lake in the middle of snow-painted mountains becomes visible. Sky covers up in clouds and it feels like winter. Somewhere here the trail should fork according to the map. No red dots anymore. On the left it seems very steep, so we decide to try and reach the lake from the right side, walking on the rocks and avoiding big snow areas when possible. Under the snow could be water. We get pretty far until there's a deep gulf and huge snow patch. Looks dangerous. We finish off banana chips. Sit. Look at the map. Look around. The snow patch between the pass and the lake turns out to be a lake as well. And in front of the water that we considered to be the first lake is another small lake under snow. That means we see four lakes all together. Snow is blue here and there.
Back on the pass, winter on one side, summer on the other. The inside of the island is in places impenetrable. And the island has again offered us something new.
Gallop down, almost stepping on a grouse chick. The hen panics further away. The boots squish. We grab some firewood with us.
Fire, drying the socks, dinner. Exploring the bus time table doesn't give us a very a exiting result. Looks like there's no ferry tomorrow from Lysnes which means that we have to get back to Finnsness. Not many buses on Saturday. There's one on 14:40. A bus also goes on 8:18 but there's a small word "untatt" next to Sunday and Saturday. No-one has a smart phone.
Poke the fire until going to sleep.
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