Cloud, a big one.
We pack and walk to Ersfjord, where there is hope to catch the 8:18 bus. Ersfjord is on the other side of the mountain, 4 km away, 2,2 km of it is tunnel. This time the tunnel is broader, lighter, with sidewalks and two cars pass us by. We are in Ersfjord early enough to eat a pear, last muesli bar and banana chips.
It starts to rain. There's no bus. We go back to the road with the hope to hitchhike to Skaland and get a busride from there. Already the first car slows down but the santa-claus-looking man inside announces that he has only one free seat. It really is a small car. We're about half-way when third passing car stops. In there is a friendly young man and the car is loaded with musical instruments. He promises to take our bags to the church where a wedding is about to begin and come later to pick us up with another car. After a while he turns around and comes back to tell us that his girlfriend will be here soon with a volkswagen. Cheez...
We meet the girlfriend in Steinfjord. Our luggage has already been delivered to Christian's house where shower and coffee are offered. And banana. We check bus and ferry timetables. 'Untatt' means 'except'... There is a ferry from Lysnes. But what's not there, is a bus going to Lysnes. The young couple says they'll take us there with their car. Wow, what more could you wish for :)
The ferry goes at 15:00 and we should start driving at two which means we have enough time to go to Bøvær and have a look at an art exhibition. It was opened yesterday and our hosts are supposed to bake a cake for the occasion. In order for not to be in their way, we leave the scene.
An old fisherman's house has turned into exhibition ground. At first it seems as of we were walking into someone's yard. A woman with big blue shawl and coffee cup introduces her miniature photos that she has made with an old Hasselblad camera and processed manually. Cool. The head of the house takes our further entertaining into his hands. On the upper floor there's a sound and light installation. New York and chanting. Then there are photos in boathouse, water splashing beneath the floor. http://www.krakeslott.no/ and http://www.artijuli.no/?module=rawpage&name=artistene.
In the cafe you can have a cake (chocolate cake - usual or luxurious?). Coffee pot has to be chosen from the ones hanging from the ceiling. Candles are on the tables and relaxing music is playing. Awesome.
Christian and his girlfriend arrive and we drive to Lysnes. We manage to get rid of the vodka that is still nicely in the airport security bag. Our helpers promise to drink it during this evening's party.
Ferry takes us through allegedly Europe's most picturesque landscape which is not very well visible through the dirty and wet window.
We dump the bags in the hotel and make a short visit to shopping establishments. Then eating and a necessary dose of internet. Boots and socks have to spend the night in the corridor.
exercises continue

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