At last we can sleep longer. That is until eight.
Some food is still left and it means that instead of the hotel-offered 40-kronor meager breakfast we have our own porridge, tinned fish and coffee.
The airplane goes at three which leaves us time to explore the town. Sunday morning is very quiet. The northernmost glass-making factory is closed. Norway's only wooden cathedral is locked.
The town is nice, wooden houses refurbished in a way that makes them look old and new at the same time. Not the gingerbread-like we have at home.
The museum of perspective will open at 10. A place with a cool name where they show black-and-white photos from Greenland and Island. For free. Impressing. On the upper floor there's permanent exhibition about connections between Russians and Tromsø through history. The smeary houses of Murmansk don't make us nostalgic.
In the airplane we sit on the wrong side and because of it do not see Senja from above. It should to look like a giant troll footprint by the way.

Some kind of tropics in Oslo.
The bookshop gets all of our attention.

In Tallinn
The sun sets? It means it's getting dark?
And why is it so warm here?
Exiting the airport I stumble upon a taxi scam. Since it takes some time until Lauri has got his fishing-rod from the information desk, all the not-yellow taxis have left. There's only one dark blue car directly in front of the exit, driver standing readily next to the open back door. He's clearly disappointed though when I don't want to go very far and am a local. Our dialogue goes something like this:
'I don't see your meter, where is it?'
'I don't have a meter.'
'But how do you know the price then?'
'Well, 10 euros.'
'Are you kidding? Do I get a receipt for this 10 euros?'
'Erm, well, yes...'
'Interesting, to the other direction I drove with 5 euros. And Tulika is not a cheap-fare company.'
'Why didn't you take Tulika then?'
'I just took the first one. I guess I was stupid. But I'm not going to pay double price to you anyway. I go out here and pay three euros.'
'Without a meter you're not allowed to drive as taxi. And I don't see the price-list either. Or have I gone blind during the past week?'
The taxi stops at the supermarket in Juhkentali street. Driver apologizes and asks no money. Poor thing, he didn't know that I have had enough experience with hard-headed taxi drivers around the world. By the time he gets back to the airport there will be not even one fat tourist left. And how do these guys get to the airport at the first place?

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