beginning of the exercise

Testing cycling in the center of Tallinn, a burning subject in news lately.
When packing I figured that since no carrying is to be done, there is no weight limit. Bike turns out to be quite heavy and balance has to be sought after. Obviously I have not payed any attention on putting the same amount of stuff on left and right sides. At the end of Magasini street I have to stop and pump the back tire. The tire being a bit soft didn't bother me at home.
First pavement's edge takes the load down. Bicycle road, my ass. Put everything back and am not very friendly towards a friend calling me from not far away. Must look more carefully at these edges. It is also understandable why you have to have a bell on your bike.
The gas mask pocket really makes a nice bag in the front of the bike.
In the harbor I qualify as a vehicle. Get a ticket from the booth and a yellow paper with the word "Mariehamn" which has to be shown to boatmen. Whir past all cars, Russian-speaking men in yellow vests pass me from one to the next with whistles. The guys inside ship try to start in English and are delighted to get an Estonian response. There should be some free space behind the big trucks. I set my bike against some column and ensure that I do not want to take all luggage with me. It does not have a convenient shape and probably would not fit up ship staircase. Go to inquire by the guys. No, it's safe, no-one can access the car deck during the journey, go feel good, you have deserved rest (a customer?). I get some clothes, tooth brush and laptop. Have to get back at 4:30. Someone is supposed to come and knock at my door. We'll see.
The cabin is on the upper floor and does not seem very tiny when there's just one passenger. Curtain on the wall creates the impression of a window being behind it. There's none.
I wash a black bicycle chain imprint from my leg, change and go to look around. There's sun deck bar, phone call and sun. And beer and book. Cruise people are gathering. Further away above the sea is a dark cloud. From the book of John Masters I find out that the British Gurkhas during WWII had the same problem with equipment like our Defense League. Most of the weaponry was N.A - not available.
Yesterday, lying on the beach somewhere between Valkla and Kaberneeme and looking at blue skies and sea over a book I decided that in Åland I have to move around less and look at blue skies and sea over a book more.
from Mariehamn to Degersand

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