from Degersand to Godby

Peoples' voices wake me up and it seems that everybody is already awake.
When I get out of tent, it appears that the voices came from a neighboring tent and the rest of the camp is still more or less asleep.
After breakfast I head towards Finström. Since bicycle ferry does not go directly to Geta today, I have to make a circle. After some time I cancel Geta because my knee has an opinion of it's own. I end up on the beach of Bamböle. Beach consists of a big smooth pink rock and grass. Water is refreshing, the sign says it's 17 degrees. I swim, read and enjoy myself. In the book of John Masters a Gurkha who has reached the ocean, tastes water and declares that it's not drinkable and what a waste of space it is. Really. People on the beach one after the other start preparing lunch, so I go to find something to eat too.
Road goes up and down. On a long descent my speed reaches 51,1 km/h.
Around the church of Finström walks a man with camera and starts to take pictures of same places I do. Finally tries to talk to me in Italian. ?
There's a restaurant in Godby, friendly folks offer home-made cutlet. Four noisy Finnish woman arrive. Coffee is included in the price.
I've discovered that public beach makes a good camping ground without the crowd of the camping areas. No need to wash every day anyway. First try to get to Godby beach takes me to a small harbor. Colorful boats reflect themselves in the water. Beach is a bit further along the road, a small sandy bay, with a couple of visitors who are just about to leave. The ground seems quite strange when I go into water, like parts of decayed cloth or something. Then I remember that a special cloth to prevent vegetation growing all over is used in some of Åland's beaches.
After swimming I check contact information of Tallink in the internet. My ticket says that I'll arrive home Saturday morning. Am I never going to remember that evening is sometimes already morning of the next day according to calender? A young woman on the phone changes my ticket for Sunday. Then I look for accommodation on Kökar island when laptop battery dies. Damn. But the phone number I've got and against all odds they have a cabin available. I could use a house for a change.
Sun hides behind a tree and I move to the bridge. There are two snakes. It takes a moment to realize that their position is not natural and the beasts are fixed to the bridge with two screws.
Water takes on different colors in sunset. Someone splashes under the bridge. This part of the sea looks like a lake. No wind and light pink water. Cloud is purple. Ducks swim from right to left.
When I start to put up my tent, a blond man comes for a swim.
The beach has a water closet with sink which also means civilized tooth-brushing and common sweet water for tea.
Cool. I set the alarm for 5:30.
Cycle distance today 50,8 km.
from Mariehamn to Degersand
from Godby to Hummelvik

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