The plastic window comes loose when driving.
Those four guys at the car wash obviously had two left hands and all thumbs. My research in gas stations shows that tape does not belong to freely available commodities. So we tape some more in Tirana with the car rental company guy. Then we copy my pictures of the car and he takes me to the airport.
There are not many books on sale in the airport in Munich and no internet in sight.

To me, Albania is best symbolized with the souvenir-ashtray I bought from the airport. It was in the shape of a bunker with "Albania" scribbled on it's side with a pen. ;) This small touch of weirdness they manage to add to things...
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wooow :) actually your fans only asked for general comments, but thanks to "David" (is he the one you're telling in your story?) thay've got whole story in English! Your style of telling is very interesting, a bit ironic but full of excellent humour (google translator will never get through). To be continued ? .... watashiva, on Apr 27, 2011 at 09:50AM
Google Translator should never try to compete with me :) nipitiri, on Apr 27, 2011 at 06:11PM
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