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I go to old city to check out the old church and mosque there.
The mosque was built on the same year that Columbus reached America. In the church there are three old ladies who interview me in Albanian, give me two red eggs, some cake and introduce to the priest. When I want to leave, the ladies grab my arms and absolutely insist that I stay. There will be a ceremony. Indeed, the priest brings a big bucket and sets candles and flowers on the table. So I happen to witness a christening of a young girl. Everyone gets to hold a candle, there's some talk and some singing. The girl has to change in a white night gown and stand in the bucket where some water is thrown on her head. Then she goes to fix her make-up. The whole thing goes along in a very relaxed manner, all the gathered people laughing from time to time. The jokes somehow escape me.
After some reading in a cafe I meet Seth and his friend Kyle and give them an overview of my adventures in Shebenik park.
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I hope you're having nice and safe trip back home! your fans are waiting for a lot of photos, general comments about Albania (in English if possible :) ) watashiva, on Apr 26, 2011 at 05:08PM
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