city excursion

Sun shines. Seems that the locals don't eat any breakfast.
They drink coffee though. We manage to get some byrek and espresso. I drag Ülle-Riin and David to the National Art Gallery. There's a colorful temporary exhibition and a permanent part. The latter includes a lot of socialist realism. Can't exactly say that we feel any nostalgia... But I like the impressionist Vangjush Mio.
The bookshop inspection confirms that they have translated Ismail Kadare in every possible language, including Estonian. The most exciting event of the afternoon is the mysterious disappearance of a byrek.
The official part of the show: our flag is upside down, the translation is incomprehensible and gifts from locals extremely heavy. First evening's dinner party is held in Durres. Going there means driving by bus in complete darkness for about an hour. I've forgotten to think about the cold evenings but luckily David is a gentleman and lends me his coat. Ülle-Riin gets the rest. The important thing of the dinner is to keep your fork and knife by you at all times. So you also have the whole menu in front of your eyes the whole evening. I teach some essential Estonian to a Slovak guy, sitting next to me: "suur õlu" (big beer) and "väike õlu" (small beer). David gets a dance. On the way back everyone falls asleep in the bus.
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