Albania is one of the few countries that is smaller than Estonia but beats us in reproduction like most nations.
Probably the only country that has once officially been atheist. Got into trouble with most western and also fellow communist countries and built itself full of small unbreakable concrete bunkers.
They learned to drive cars about fifteen years ago and cars they mostly steal. Conference fee has to be paid in cash. Or as Ülle-Riin pointedly concluded 'it is not a very developed country where we are going'.
I have finished Misha Glenny 's history of Balkan 1804-1999. It's complicated.

An unfamiliar young man approaches us in the airport. I keep some distance, just in case, but Ülle-Riin seems to know him. So I meet David from Georgia (the capital, Tbilisi, is in Estonia, by the way).
We arrive in Tirana after a bumpy ride. The taxi driver finds quickly a common language with David - football. Traffic is indeed a bit chaotic. In the hotel are we unknown. Our chamber allows us to take a room with whatever price. There IS soap in the room! We go to discuss Estonian-Georgian cooperation in a restaurant. Cockroach on the wall disappears somewhere. Rain gets stronger by every beer. Umbrella-sellers are doing a far better business than the sunglasses-sellers. David promises better weather for tomorrow.
city excursion

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