into the mountains

Roosters wake me in the morning. Sun is already high up.
Problems with hiking continue. We walk with Gentian and Leila to the small lake near the village. It's nice. I ask Gentian about garbage, it seems not to be a problem for him. And my question doesn't stop him from throwing the juice pack down the hill.... Then he makes a mistake of mentioning that the small path next to the lake is the road to Qarrishte. As we go back to the house, a new plan seems to have been emerged. It involves a lot of driving by car and some stops for photos. Well, first that is exactly what I've been doing for the past seven days, whereas while being not the one who is driving it would be pretty limiting. Second, why should I come to some beautiful place in the middle of nowhere to drive around in a car?? The details of the plan remain unclear as well as the plan for next two days. They seem to think one day at the time. But I have a plane to catch. So I decide to escape in the interest of future tourists and in order to prove Pullumb that it is possible to walk in the mountains without any problems. I say I'll be going to Tirana but take a short walk before. I don't specify the timetable, though.
I park my car near the lake, take my stuff and head off the path. Path winds up the mountain, sun is shining and it's lovely. A bit after the pass the road forks. First I check the one going down. It ends on some small gravel road. I figure it being the Fushe Stude-Stebeleve road and go to check out the other option. This one ends after some time in the bushes. Well. I climb up the mountain, hoping to have a view. The view is there, as are three bunkers. Only mountains and forest, no path or village in sight. So I'll not be in Qarrishte this evening and I'm sorry for the family who is excitedly waiting for me there. Before choosing a place to camp, I make a long detour to fill my water bottle. Then I make some soup and tea and read a book until it gets dark.
I just manage to get into my sleeping bag when phone calls start. First Seth, then Redi and Gentian. There appears to be panic in the village as they have lost their first tourist (and found my car, as was to be expected). I confirm that I'm fine and there's no need to send a rescue team after me and the wildest creatures I've seen were frogs and lizards. Funny, there's no network actually...
Night owls start their song.
back in civilization

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