back in civilization

The shadows of passing clouds have ears of bears or noses of wolves. Or the other way around.
As everything is silent, they may also be ghosts. Neither shadows nor ghosts have teeth as far as I know, so I try to sleep. It's getting colder. After sunrise it's getting hotter again. The pleasures of sleeping in a tent.
After coffee I venture back to Fushe Stude. It's overcast so I'm not very disappointed to leave, only finding the trail marks makes me a bit sad. Where were these yesterday?
Back to the village, I meet Pullumb. We have a coffee and I try to explain in Albanian where I was. He seems to make some conclusions about tourists.
Librazd. Redi shows me the studio of the artist Gezim Hidri. A lot of stone. And a dog with light blue eyes. Paintings that remind me of Dali and the half finished mosaic of Roman Abramovich. Mosaic is like life, Gezim says, everyone has to know their place.
Elbasan. Turning around the car in some dead end street ends with a broken back window. The car rental company tells me not to worry but to make a lot of pictures and take all my things from the car. The guys in a car wash find some plastic and tape to make a temporary window.
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It was Easter night and god saved you! it's strange that you could see wolf ears or bear's nose and couldn't see Christ risen ! :) watashiva, on Apr 25, 2011 at 12:09PM
Google Translator seems to be pretty good :)
Maybe it's because I'm pagan? nipitiri, on Apr 25, 2011 at 12:26PM
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