let the ride begin!

We're late for the conference because of packing and breakfast.
Seems to be a new interpreter present. We join the registries' working group where it is hope for English as the working language. Of course there is the choice of a group with Russian as the working language... After the end of the official part we leave, accompanied by a lot of good advice. And take David along as well. The hotel staff thinks Avis is a taxi, so we get a taxi from the street. The driver isn't the smartest and brings us to a place outside of town where the rental car company's guy agrees to pick us up. Chemistry-tea on offer.
Back to the city, paperwork done and start. We need to go left which is prohibited by a sign. So I get my first lesson of driving in Albania: this is Albania, of course you can go! Left then. Ok, who cares about signs anyway? I win the fight for paying for gasoline.
It doesn't take long to Durres. In the process of finding the center the calm Georgian and hotblooded Estonian almost tear the map apart. I park next to the hotel and to utmost surprise of the hotel boy do not break all the cars around me.
There's an amphitheater, some Roman columns, a mosque, a bunch of notaries' offices and casinos. And pizza.
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"calm Georgian and hotblooded Estonian" - i like it :) From watashiva, on Apr 27, 2011 at 08:54PM
still conference
away from the coast

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