away from the coast

After breakfast we send David back towards Tirana and head for Berat.
Berat should be one of the prettiest cities in Albania. Sun is shining. Lambs and donkeys are all around us.
To hit the center of Berat is somehow easier than it was in Durres. Berati hotel is situated in the old town and there are some women who wish to communicate either in Albanian or in Italian. Actually I would prefer Albanian in such a situation, but in difficult times Italian goes as well.
The climb towards the castle is steep. And hot. In the castle there where 48 churches and two mosques some time ago. Now there are eight churches and two mosques. Clearly has Islam put its bet on quality instead on quantity. The narrow streets shine from being polished from thousands of feet through the centuries. We find the oldest church, some other churches and a huge head. The guy at Onufri restaurant feeds us so that we have to roll down the hill later.
let the ride begin!

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