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After breakfast on a sunny terrace we find a bus for Ülle-Riin who is heading back to Tirana. I watch them drive away after a lot of action around the bus.
Next stop for me is Blue Eye, a deep fresh water spring where ordinary Albanians weren't allowed to go during Hoxha's time. Now there are even ordinary Greek schoolkids, screaming over the whole forest. Luckily they get rounded up by their teacher very soon. The spring is simply amazing, deep blue water streaming from a wide bottomless hole. Frogs are also present.
Looking for Melani teqe, I reach a small village, where the extremely narrow and steep and winding path ends in somebody's back yard. Well... As I step out of the car, a surprised donkey appears from the flowers. Further up the hill is a chapel or something. Not quite what I was looking for, but a nice spot nevertheless. Lot's of flowers. I try not to drive over the chicken and lambs when leaving.
Finding St Mary's church of Labova is even more tricky. Albanians don't like signposting. After communicating with a friendly lady in Albanian, I verify that the place exists but that's it. There's suppose to be another road. Somewhere. Ok, I'm off for Gjirokaster.
Gjirokaster, that's the city where Ismail Kadare and Enver Hoxha were born. And where there's a danger to fall on the roof of a house, if you believe Kadare. He should know. They also have a castle and weapons museum. I recognize Makarov, other models I haven't used.
Ülle-Riin has reached Tirana after eight hours on the road and made a lot of friends.
I dine in a place obviously meant for single men and surprise everybody by drinking beer.
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Hi Nipitiri! I am trying to follow your trip but unfortunately Google Translater is like the translation on CAE meetings :)))) 2/3 of original story is lost. Still I’m finding some interesting details. Wish you pleasant trip and don’t forget “it’s Albania” !
P.S. and don’t loose your map :) )))) watashiva, on Apr 21, 2011 at 12:53PM
Maybe they use Google Translator at CAE meetings as well?
The map is still there, in one piece ;) nipitiri, on Apr 21, 2011 at 05:13PM
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