Aquarium and Butrint

Somehow we manage to get a free breakfast.
Road to Saranda twists along the coast and through the mountains. Breathtaking views. The road is newly asphalted and with lots of places to stop for a photo. That's reasonable.
After Vuno village goes the road to Jali village and beach, but if you drive some more on the dirt road, it's possible to reach Aquarium - a wonderful small beach. One has to ignore the narrow bumpy road and hills of garbage on the way, the beach itself is nice and clean. I introduce my karma-theory to Ülle-Riin: in case of good karma you do not meet anybody on such narrow roads where one car can't pass the other without flying. I'm also certain that cars don't drive the other way backwards but there has to be a place for turning around. I'm right!
The beach: white and black stones, sparkling blue water and sky. It's really lovely from the Albanians to organize a beach in Estonian national colors. The stones seem soft and we take way too many of them with us. And seashells. After a few hours on the rocks we continue towards Sarande in order to visit Butrint before it closes.
Butrint is a island about 15 km south of Saranda which was inhabited already in the 4th century BC but was damaged in an earthquake about 800 years later. Today you can see a lot of broken stones, walk through the forest and meet birds, flowers, turtles and otters. No tourists. Nice place. For the zoo to be complete, a few hundred meters from the gate there's a restaurant and it's garden was fully occupied by rabbits in all sizes at sunset.
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