a short excursion day

I wait for e-mails but they don’t come.
So I walk to see Lim Chin Tsong palace. He was a Chinese business tycoon and built a house with a tower in this neighborhood. Today there’s an art school. Actually there are builders. After I have finally found an operating gate and asked the guard if it is ok to go in no-one pays any attention to me. I wonder around in the house. Tapping and clattering is heard from some of the rooms and laughter on the second floor. They have a lot to do here but they have already also done a lot.
On my way back I find a stall and ask for chocolate. The one I brought with me is finished. The girl disappears for some time, maybe into the fridge. Arrives back with a bag full of Kitkat and another with Toblerone. Inspects both of them and recommends me not to buy Kitkat. It is expired. Older woman inquires about my origins and concludes that it is cold in Estonia and not many Estonians visit her. Educated people.
The visit of the pope causes a series of power cuts.
another day has gone by
an empty day, almost

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