an empty day, almost

Maybe I have to go to Naypyidaw so I stay in the hotel.
But nothing happens. So I contact a young woman who does something in the field of human rights. Of the two phone numbers on the homepage of the law department of Dagon University one is switched off and the other belongs to a professor who has retired a year ago. He calls me back and complains about his difficult life. He cannot persuade the university to change the data on the homepage. Why I’m not surprised.
We sit in traffic jam a long time with the taxi driver. He tries to start a conversation and after my Bamar ‘I don’t understand’ he keeps talking something that I really don’t understand. When I already can say this then obviously I must know all the other words too.
We have agreed to meet in a huge light air-conditioned shopping mall. Chocolate is nowhere to be seen. When it comes to eateries then it almost seems that it has to be KFC but then I find Japanese noodles around a corner. Ramen Monster.
The young woman comes. She teaches members of parliament how to sell the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to the military and also educates people on the grass root level about the treaty. Draws many schemes in her note book to explain the procedures and which laws have to be changed. Wow. She also starts to organize my life. We contact on FB and she promises to introduce me to her boy friend who is from Rakhine state and to find me a politician and a political prisoner. A live politician, this reminds me of an Estonian sketch ( If I had met her earlier then I’d have all days full of meetings and interviews. Just now when I was afraid that the remaining days will be filled with sitting in my hotel room.
So I don’t make it to the Pansodan Gallery although I did put on jeans for meeting white people.
a short excursion day
busy day

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