busy day

During breakfast the pope is on TV reading mass in the church around which we walked with Külli four years ago.
More interesting than the mass is the question if the pope will pull off what Léon hopes him to pull off.
The young woman from yesterday has organized two meetings for me. First a former political prisoner who was sentenced to death when he was 16. Not that it had been legal at the time but well, what is so legal here anyway. He is still alive and runs a school of political science that he hopes to develop into a university. Educates members of parliament among other things. He confirms that the official ideology is nationalist and xenophobic.
Next on the list is the boyfriend of the young woman. There’s some confusion with that because there are two cafes with the same name in the city. At least I get to have lunch and Victor wakes up and sends me the phone number of the missing contact person. Suddenly so much is happening. In the parallel café is a young man who delves into a monologue that lasts many hours. I still manage to call on the newly arrived number but unfortunately all topical old men are either out of town or busy with the pope. Pity that I didn’t coordinate my visit with the pope.
After I’ve finally reached the hotel I have to clarify resent Estonian history through FB the whole evening.
an empty day, almost
slow day

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