day off

Well, day off.
Well, day off. I walk to Ngar Htat Gyi Pagoda or Big Seated Buddha Pagoda. ‘Gyi’ really means big but I’m not sure about the other parts. Walking is occasionally interrupted with detours through yards because Google thinks these are streets. Once I step into a gutter looking on my phone. Water covered with some green slime. Dries fast, only some weed remains stuck between my toes. Many monks and nuns on the move, they’re having lunch.
In the pagoda colorful lights blink, doves fly about and a group of nuns sits in the corner and eats. Buddha is being washed. In the middle of the floor a young woman feeds her baby. A cat walks undisturbed through all the happenings. A couple of tourists with escort.
The house of Goethe institute is still being renovated. According to the head of the workmen it will be opened end of February. The house was built on order of some European, then bought by a Chinese businessman and later Aung San used it as his headquarters. It can be found in Google under ‘Villa Goethe’.
Then there is a park. In the park are Kandawgyi lake and Karaweik palace. The park system is such that every park is behind a high fence. In case someone wants to steal the grass. With some luck you get in through some gap. I find a nice path that disappears after some time. Then there is a construction with barbed wire. It can be jumped over, I practiced that in Greece. Effortless I continue walking on the path on the other side. Then a guard booth, the guard starts rotating in his chair. It appears that a ticket should be bought. No problem, I was just too lazy for going back. Further is a garden where a sheep, two ponies, two cows and an ostrich have been put behind bars. The description promised small temples. I see only food temples. So I sit next to the water with a view to the palace and eat a bowl of rice. Fish splash, butterflies fly and someone operates a noisy machine. Unreasonably hot.
I haggle a bit with the taxi driver and drive back to the hotel. A tourist has to be very durable in this climate.
Tomorrow’s contact has sent a request to google her so that we wouldn’t waste time for introduction. But I have done that already.
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