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Some idling in the morning and then I got to meet C.Z.
She lives in a township where police raids have always begun because political dissenters tend to live there. Feminist, ethnic minority, writer, human rights activist. So she fits in and has written an article to Irrawady about it. First person who is able to offer me an explanation to their weird citizenship policy. I have one more woman like this on my list. People like them could manage to fish this country out of the gutter.
It is cloudy today and for a while it even feels nice to walk along the street. I buy some fruits. When I’ve reached back to the hotel a shower-like rain starts.
Read some stuff. During a pause in the rain dart to the Italians. Well, they are of course no Italians. The alternative would be an un-cozy place just opposite the hotel called ‘Serious Sausage’.
The Italians are preparing for a party. Maybe even real Italians because a passing white guy looks attentively at mu book. It’s Umberto’s. In the glass-walled separate room gather important businessmen so I have constant bustle around me.

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