Unable to get rid of Tallinn University I sent some applications for funding a research trip to Burma.
Hoping it would come back with a negative answer and I could finally leave with dignity. But just in case I also arranged a replacement at work. The closer the supposed departure date got the more unlikely the whole thing seemed. So I was already happily making plans for a three week vacation at home. Haven’t had that before. And about a week in advance the foundation sends me a message confirming that I got the scholarship. Damn.
'Ready for your upcoming trip?’ asks booking.com. Nooo, would I like to yell at the computer. I feel totally unprepared. I haven’t had time to refresh Bamar language. Kind of silly to go somewhere without any knowledge of the language. Maybe I’ve started to visit Iceland out of laziness. Not to mention that I should have a bunch of contacts and scheduled appointments. The contacts surprisingly start to flow in on the last day.

The airplane from Helsinki arrives after our boarding time. I foresee trouble. When we land in Helsinki then people have been boarding the Doha flight for half an hour already and ‘final call’ flashes on the screen. I run through the airport. Passport control speaks Estonian. The gate is closed. A lady from Qatar Airways escorts me back to Finnair desk. It’s their fault. Some juggling with the flights. The Bangkok flight that leaves shortly is overbooked. It is possible to get to Hongkong but the flight from Hongkong to Yangon is overbooked. Somewhere I would have to change airports. Finally I’m crammed on an already full flight to Bangkok that goes at ten in the evening. It’s half past nine in the morning. On last moment I refuse a bus ticket to town because I remember that my wardrobe isn’t meant for Nordic climate. Instead I get a voucher for drinking on cost of Finnair the whole day. At least they have free internet. And I took two books out of my big luggage in the morning. So I let the hotel know that they can sleep longer tomorrow morning.
finally arrived

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