finally arrived

I spend the day in Vantaa with getting into my role. Reading two scientific articles and arranging an appointment with a former political prisoner.
Of course I also get thoroughly acquainted with the airport. Luckily I have a cool companion, Eco. The Prague Cemetery. Conspiracies and stuff. ‘People are never so completely and enthusiastically evil as when they act out of religious conviction.'
In the evening the airport is a lot quieter than it was in the morning. I find one more border guard who speaks Estonian with Finnish accent.

Bangkok. Finns got me off their back and I have to explain to Thay Airways why I’m there and where is my luggage. Long search in the system doesn’t show the luggage, they suggest I ask again in Yangon. I don’t have much faith in capability of the Burmese in this regard.
Again I have to report to my neighbor on the plane what I’m going to do in Myanmar. Training makes one … a trainee.
My backpack rides on the baggage belt, what a surprise. Well done, Finnair! On the other side of the fence two guys painstakingly hold up a sign with my name. Good that they are two, the other can carry my laptop. Laptop has before only been to Norway.
Yangon is dark, the air tropically damp as was expected. It is possible to pay with credit card in the hotel for a fee and internet is also turned on. The room is nice but very small. At least there’s a desk. Names and phone numbers of five lawyers-activists have arrived. I spend the evening with background studies.
first research day

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